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Hip Hop Information

Hip hop is both a music genre and a cultural movement developed in New York. It is said to have begun with the work of DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and Afrika Bambaattaa. There are four fundamental elements in hip hop:


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Other elements

As it grew and developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, the scope of hip hop culture grew beyond the boundaries of its traditional four elements. KRS-ONE, a rapper from the golden age of hip hop, names nine elements of hip hop culture: the traditional four and beatboxing, plus hip hop fashion, hip hop slang, street knowledge, and street entrepreneurship. He also suggests that hip hop is a cultural movement and that the word itself had to reflect this. He spells it Hiphop (one word, capital "h") and this is reflected in his Temple of Hiphop.

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