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Hip hop models, also known as  eye candy or hip hop honeys ,are female models who appear in mainstream rap music videos, magazines and other forms of media. There are primarily two classifications of Hip hop models. There are models who strictly do print media (magazines, calendars, etc.), while others take part in hip hop videos.


The hip hop modeling industry has become more popular over the years. Today, there are numerous magazines dedicated in part or totally to this industry such as King, Smooth ,Black Men ,The Source, XXL and others.
Aspiring hip hop models have abundant areas for work, because this industry has also reached calendars, DVDs, VHS, etc.
Some pornographic actresses such as Heather Hunter, Lacey Duvalle, Crystal Knight, Nikki Fairchild and Obsession are also popular hip hop video performers.



There is a long list of criticism pertaining to controversies created by hip hop models. Many people in the mainstream feel that hip hop models represent negative, subservient or misogynistic images of women, especially black and latino women. Detractors accuse hip hop models of causing a misrepresentation of the morals and values of minority women, because hip hop videos are the only way many people around the world are exposed to American Black and Latino culture.
In 2005, a former Hip Hop music video star and model Karrine Steffans aka "Supahead" released her debut book Confessions of a Video Vixen, where she lashes out at the world of hip hop modeling, especially its degradation of women. The book's publisher describes the book as "part tell all, part cautionary tale".

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