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Djing or hip hop production is the creation of the portion of hip hop music which is not lyrical. Modern hip hop production utilizes drum machines, turntables, synthesizers, hardware and software sequencers, and live instrumentation. In its original form, the second element of hip hop was turntable-ism, though that has evolved into other computerized production techniques. The evolution of the terms "DJ" and "producer" also speaks to the post-modern irony of hip-hop. The line across which a DJ becomes not only a disc-jockey, but an individual, creative artist has become increasingly blurred since hip-hop's conception. A "DJ mix", for instance, in which the DJ meshes the end of a song into the beginning of the following song, often contains music which the DJ had not created, but merely replayed. However, once it becomes part of the DJ's mix, the mix becomes a singular creation, and consequently, a piece of art which the DJ himself authored. Consequently, a DJ can represent himself as the main creator of a piece even though much more effort went into the initial creation of the sampled portion.


Famous DJs

DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Kool Herc

DJ Paul

DJ Screw

DJ Quik

DJ Yella

Grandmaster Flash

Funkmaster Flex



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